Netflix’s The Equalizer 3 Gives Denzel Washington a Fitting Farewell

denzel washington

The equalizer 3 opens with McCall infiltrating a remote winery in Sicily to recover money stolen by cybercriminals. The usual body count ensues as McCall kills gangster Lorenzo Vitale and his henchmen. However, Vitale’s son shoots McCall in the back as he tries to leave the winery. A lack of bullets makes it impossible for McCall to commit suicide, so he boards a ferry to southern Italy and drives along the Amalfi Coast until he passes out.

A local police officer finds McCall and takes him to Altamonte, where he recovers from his wound and finds a loving community that makes him feel loved and welcomed. He also discovers the local Camorra organization that extorts local businesses, harms local people and takes their property. It’s an ideal setting for the final Equalizer film, which director Antoine Fuqua perfectly intersperses with idyllic scenes to balance the violence that inevitably follows.

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