Karol Swiderski returns to Charlotte FC

Karol Swiderski, the Polish striker who joined Charlotte FC in 2022, is back at the club after a short and disappointing stint with Hellas Verona in Serie A. With just two goals in 15 games and a lackluster performance at Euro 2024, Swiderski is ready to show that his true place lies in Major League Soccer, where he has already proven his worth.

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Charlotte FC, currently in sixth place in the Eastern Conference with 32 points, awaits Swiderski’s return to the pitch on July 20. And who can blame them? He performed well for the team in 2023, with 12 goals and five assists in 31 appearances. His immediate impact since his debut in 2022, when he scored 10 goals and provided four assists in 30 games.

But why, with all this talent, has Swiderski failed to shine in Serie A? The answer may lie in his lack of chances and Hellas Verona’s system of play. He has only made three starts, which, let’s be honest, is not enough for a player who needs consistency and confidence to show his true potential. And that’s without even mentioning the demoralizing Euro 2024, where Poland disappointed and Swiderski failed to score.

Now back at Charlotte FC, he has the chance to rewrite history. And the timing couldn’t be better. With the team struggling to gain a foothold in the table, Swiderski’s presence could be the difference they need to secure a top spot in the play-offs.

Swiderski’s return also represents a chance at redemption. He knows he needs to regain the fans’ trust and show them that his poor form in Italy was just a blip on the radar. And honestly, who doesn’t love a good comeback story? The story is all set up: the hero returning home, determined to prove his worth and lead his team to glory.

Charlotte FC, for their part, are betting big on the Pole. With a contract valid until December 2025, Swiderski is expected to remain a key player in the club’s long-term project. And let’s be honest, the MLS is the perfect platform for him to shine. The league has become increasingly competitive and attractive, offering an ideal mix of visibility and challenge for players. One thing is for sure, he has to want it, otherwise nothing will help.

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