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In Italy, Hungary, Finland and the Netherlands, far-right parties are already in power. With Jean-Yves Camus, a specialist in the far-right, and Nelly Didelot, a journalist at Libération, we will analyse the policies that these different parties are implementing in their countries, starting at 7pm on our Twitch channel.

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“We have never tried the Rassemblement National.” This claim, shared in particular by voters of Marine Le Pen’s party and Jordan Bardella, seems to have resonated strongly since the campaign for the first parliamentary elections began. But around us, many countries have entrusted their political power to parties that are friendly to the Rassemblement National. What does this mean for the far right to exercise power?

European countries governed by the far right are now commonplace. Sometimes they are at the helm alone, as in the case of Viktor Orbán in Hungary, or they govern within a coalition that they dominate, as in Italy or the Netherlands, or they complement it, as in Sweden, Finland or Croatia. All these examples allow us to imagine concretely what France could look like if the Rassemblement National came to power.

Migrant rights, women’s and gay rights, global warming or even freedom of speech, we will discuss the main topics and the exercise of power by European far-right parties, starting at 7pm Our Twitch channel With our guests. You can ask all your questions in real time via chat to Jean-Yves Camus, political scientist specializing in the far right, and Nelly Didelot, journalist at Monde service. launch.

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