Ukraine to receive nearly 6,000 solar panels to power hospitals

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Ukraine has received 5,876 solar panels to power hospitals across the country through an agreement with the European Commission, the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy announced on social media on July 2.

As Russian attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure increase, Ukrainians continue to face prolonged, daily disruptions to their access to electricity.

The panels, produced by Italian manufacturer Enel, will produce a total capacity of about 2 megawatts of electricity for hospitals in the Zhytomyr, Volhynia, Khmelnytskyi, Kiev and Odessa regions, the Energy Ministry said.

“In the conditions of constant attacks by Russia on the Ukrainian energy system, the medical infrastructure becomes very vulnerable. Power outages affect the operation of hospitals,” Ukrainian Health Minister Viktor Liashko said in a statement.

“To enable medical institutions to provide uninterrupted medical care to patients, we are working to provide them with alternative energy sources, including solar panels. This is an important step towards energy independence and stable operation of medical institutions.”

In its statement, the Ministry of Energy indicated that the equipment used for the installation of solar panels is financed through the international Ukrainian Energy Support Fund and that the number of hospitals receiving solar panels is expected to increase.

The agreement, dubbed “Ray of Hope”, was spearheaded by the Ukrainian ministries of Health and Energy, together with the European Commission.

As a result of the attacks on energy infrastructure, Ukraine began implementing periodic power outages on May 15.

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