Romania – Netherlands: Led by an immense Gakpo, the Dutch reassure and head towards the quarter finals, the summary of the match

Romania - Netherlands: Led by an immense Gakpo, the Dutch reassure and head towards the quarter finals, the summary of the match

The Netherlands defeated Romania in the round of 16 of the 2024 European Championship (3-0) and easily qualified for the quarter-finals, mainly thanks to a great Cody Gakpo.

Romania - Netherlands: Led by an immense Gakpo, the Dutch reassure and head towards the quarter finals, the summary of the match

Romania 0 : 3

Romania - Netherlands: Led by an immense Gakpo, the Dutch reassure and head towards the quarter finals, the summary of the match

Netherlands Live

The Netherlands correct Romania and reach the quarter-finals (3-0). The start of the match turned in favor of the Romanians. They are the ones who take the initiative, as in this goal by Man fifteen minutes into the match. However, it is the Dutch who strike first through Gakpo who deceives the opposing goalkeeper with a powerful attack at the first post (20th). After this goal, the Dutch continue and want to break through very quickly. Coming back from the dressing room, Ronald Koeman’s players continue to press and the first big chance comes very quickly. In the 54th minute, Depay inherits the ball in the penalty area and tries to push it into the net, but Ratiu saves his team. Four minutes later, Van Dijk hits the post. In this period of dominance, the Dutch even thought about making this famous second goal, but the double was almost impossible. by Gakpo is finally canceled for offside (63′). In the end, the Netherlands will succeed. concretize their dominance by adding a second goal. Gakpo still does a great job and provides a goal for everyone. Malen (83′). The latter does not need anyone to confirm his team’s success at the end of the match with a perfectly executed counterattack. by the Dortmund winger (90+4). This will be the last flash of the storm that descended on the Romanian heads tonight.

19:58 – Austria or Turkey

Now that the Netherlands has finished the job with a qualification for the quarter finals, their opponent awaits. Austria and Turkey will face each other. Tonight at 21:00 to play together with the Dutch for a place in the last base; of Euro 2024.

Felix Zwayer whistles the end of this Romania – Netherlands. The adventure ends here for the Romanians who were no match for the Dutch who grew in power compared to the Dutch. the group stage.

The Dutch join the bill in this Romania – Netherlands. Malen comes out alone with a devastating counter and deceives Nita. The Netherlands goes towards the quarterfinals.

19:49 – A little time for Blind (90+2′)

Ronald Koeman brings back Daley Blind for the final moments of this Romania – Netherlands. Depay gives up his place.

19:48 – Extra time starts (90′)

We are entering the four minutes of injury time of this Romania – Netherlands match.

19:47 – A final substitution for Romania (88′)

Stanciu gives up his place to Olaru for the final moments of this Romania – Netherlands.

19:47 – The Joy of the Tide Orange (88′)

The Dutch supporters will undoubtedly be laughing as the quarter-finals of the 2024 European Championship begin; open to the Netherlands.

19:45 – The Disagreement (87′)

Simons steals the leather while Weghorst waits for it.

19:44 – A Change (86′)

Immediately after the second goal of the Netherlands, Ronald Koeman brought the hero from this Romania – Netherlands. Gakpo, scorer and passer, admitted; his place à Weghorst.

19:43 – Second logical goal (85′)

This second goal for the Dutch in this Romania – Netherlands is more than logical. In fact, Koeman’s men dominated the match for the most part. the second period.

WHAT A JOB BY GAKPO! While this ball was not far from going out, Gakpo fights and saves the ball before giving the break ball to Malen, who takes his country closer to the quarter-finals of Euro 2024.

19:40 – Stanciu gets a yellow card! (81′)

The Romanian captain is furious after a foul on Alibec. He was given a warning, even though his teammate’s action actually seemed legitimate.

19:38 – Simons angry (80′)

Another three against two situation for the Dutch! Malen chooses Gakpo on the right while Simons waited for the ball on the LEFT. In the end Gakpo gets the corner.

The Romanian defense tries to clear the ball, but Simons is on his way and is not far from one of the goals of this Euro 2024.

19:36 – Dumfries takes yellow (78′)

The referee becomes impatient and gives Denzel Dumfries a warning for waiting too long to take this throw-in.

19:35 – Gakpo on the ground (76′)

The only goalscorer in this Romania – Netherlands takes a few seconds to get up after a foul against Memphis Depay. ÇThings seem to be going well for the Liverpool player.

19:33 – The last quarter (75′)

There is only fifteen minutes left in regular time for Romania – despite a large number of chances, the Netherlands and the Dutch team have still not reached the half-time score in this encounter.

NETHERLANDS KEEP MISSING! Gakpo offers two caviars. The first to Simons who feints too much before giving another brilliant pass to Veerman who opens his foot too wide.

19:29 – The Romanian answer (71′)

After Koeman’s double substitution, Iordanescu responds with three substitutions. Marius Marin, Hagi and Dragus are replaced by Mihaila, Alibec and Cicaldau who plays his first minutes in this Euro 2024.

19:28 – The double substitution (69′)

Ronald Koeman makes his second and third substitution in this Romania – Netherlands with the entries of van de Ven and Veerman replacing Aké and Schouten.

The former Lyon player tried to deceive the Romanian wall with a low ball. The wall was broken, but Memphis’ shot landed inches from Nita’s left post.

19:25 – A yellow card (67′)

Felix Zwayer gets the first card in this Romania – Netherlands match. It is for Marius Marin who got in Simons’ way. Interesting free kick for the Oranje and Depay.

Romanians can still believe in this Romania-Netherlands. Cody Gakpo’s goal is disallowed for offside.

Gakpo cashes in on this chance and scores a double in this Romania – Netherlands! Malen had just deviated.


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