Betting scandal hits British Conservative Party over early election tips

A senior Conservative Party MP has condemned the use of insider information in betting on Britain’s national election date, calling such actions ‘reprehensible’.

Responding to reports of a second Conservative candidate being investigated by the UK Gambling Commission, Michael Gove on Thursday highlighted the inappropriate nature of using inside information for gambling purposes. He declined to discuss specific details of the case due to the ongoing investigation, but reiterated the unacceptability of such behavior.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s surprise announcement on May 22 of a parliamentary election on July 4 caused controversy, with allegations emerging of people exploiting advanced knowledge of the date. The Conservative Party acknowledged contact from the Gambling Commission about a “small number of individuals” linked to the investigation.

The scandal spread after reports of the arrest of a police bodyguard for allegedly betting on the election date before it was made public. In addition, Sunak aide Craig Williams is under scrutiny for placing a bet on the July election ahead of the announcement.

Betting remains a widespread activity in Britain, with bookmakers offering odds on various events, including elections. However, using inside information is a criminal offense.

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