The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has launched a new Telegram chatbot

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The Ukrainian government has added a new chatbot for exchanging citizens’ data. The Ministry of Defense has launched the chatbot Army+, which is positioned as an advisor for conscripts, soldiers and their families.

The official wording: The Army+ bot provides “quick answers to a wide range of questions.” In particular, the military can learn about:

  • cash
  • material and housing
  • status of UBD, prosthetics
  • sanatorium treatment
  • benefits, etc.;

The following answers are offered for citizens:

  • types of military service
  • adjournment
  • list of VVK and others
  • while families of Ukrainian defenders can get information about medical assistance
  • merit payments and so on.

To get the necessary information, you need to select the user’s status and then ask the corresponding category.

Previously, the Ministry of Defense announced the launch of a separate Army+ program, something like ‘Action’ for the army, which will show specialized services and documents, such as standardized report templates. The program is expected to start in the summer.

Another Reserve+ Department program was recently updated to include an electronic military document with a QR code and the ability to correct data online without visiting the TCC. The Reserve+ app is currently available in 178 countries and can be downloaded from: Google Play and App Store.

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