Europeans willing to pay an average of more than €200 to secure the European Championship title | Article

After all, money is not worth the same everywhere. For example, in Portugal you can buy 33% more for the ‘same money’ than in the Netherlands. The purchasing power of one euro is also higher in Italy and Spain. Consumers there get about a fifth more value for their money than in the Netherlands. On the other hand, something that costs €100 in the Netherlands costs €113 in England. An amount in euros does not mean the same sacrifice everywhere.

That is why we also asked about the willingness to give up 1% of the annual income in exchange for the title. The relative sacrifice is then comparable, regardless of the wage and price level. This results in some clear shifts in the rankings.

A country with relatively low purchasing power, such as Portugal, then rises a few places in the rankings (from 9 to 6). A relatively prosperous country like Austria drops a number of places, from second to eighth.

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