Delegation from Northeast Syria discusses Turkish attacks with German parliamentarians

The delegation of NE Syria, including Mahmoud al-Mislat, Co-Chairman of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC), Elham Ahmad, Co-Chairman of the Foreign Relations Department of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, Abdulkarim Omar, representative of the DAA in Europe, and Khaled Darwish, representative of the DAA in Germany, met with the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.

The delegation provided an overview of the experiences of the Democratic Autonomous Government (DAA), emphasizing that all parts of the Democratic Autonomous Government participated in its establishment of their own free will, in addition to the important role of women in the fight against mercenaries and maintaining the security and stability of the country. NE Syria.

The political, economic and security challenges were also highlighted, especially as ISIS mercenaries are still active on the ground and through attacks on their sleeper cells.

“It is unlikely that a complete victory over ISIS will be achieved without real international support in all areas, while ISIS’s detention centers still pose a real and effective threat to the world, so the international community must step up its duties regarding this dilemma implementation,” said the NE Syria delegation. confirmed.

The delegation also highlighted Turkish attacks on infrastructure and service facilities in NE Syria. These attacks have caused a real humanitarian catastrophe that has increased the suffering of civilians, putting their lives at great risk.

The delegation stressed the need for the international community to put pressure on Turkey to put an end to these Turkish crimes, pointing out that their continuation would lead to new waves of displacement in the region.

The delegation held meetings with Nils Schmid and Frank Schwabe, members of the German parliament from the ruling Social Democratic Party (SPD), and Gokay Akbulut, the member of the German parliament from the Left Party, at the Bundestag building, while on June 16 the delegation met with Jürgen Hardt, Member of the German Parliament for the Green Party and the Member of the German Parliament for the Green Party, Qasim Taher Saleh, at the German Parliament Building in the capital Berlin



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