The two Scottish areas that are among the most expensive in Britain to fill up your car have been revealed

A petrol station in Scotland is pumping the most expensive fuel in the UK, new data shows.

Filling up on fuel is never cheap, but some places in particular are absolutely no-go zones if you want to get your money’s worth.

The most expensive areas to fill up in Britain have been revealedCredit: Getty
The average fuel price is around 145 cents per litre, but some places charge moreCredit: Getty

With the costs of insurance, road tax, MOT, servicing and other repairs, the last thing you need is for petrol stations to dry you out.

Especially for regular drivers, finding the cheapest places to fill up is essential, although it’s safe to say that everyone is keen to avoid being ripped off.

There are many factors that influence the price of gasoline, such as location or infrastructure, with highway gas stations being the main culprits that charge a pretty penny.

According to the RAC, the average petrol price in Britain is 145.46 pence.

For motorway service areas the average price rises to 167.13p.

It is logical to assume that areas in England will have the most expensive fuel prices, yet there are two major Scottish regions that far exceed average prices in Britain.

Edinburgh claims the title for the third most expensive area in Britain in terms of average petrol price.

The average fuel cost in the capital is 163.2 pence per litre, with residents expected to spend around £81.60 a week on filling up.

The top spot as the most expensive place in Britain to fill up your car is Dumfries and Galloway in south-west Scotland.

With an average fuel price of €166.82, this is the best place for Scots to top up quickly.

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And if you live here, you probably spend €83.41 per week on petrol.

In the south, Cheshire ranks tenth on the list of the most expensive places in Britain to fill up your car.

According to the Express, the average fuel price (pence per litre) in the North West Province is a whopping 159.22 cents.

Warwickshire averages slightly higher at 159.95p, while Berkshire residents have to pay 160.03p per litre.

Over the border in Wales, the average fuel price in Denbighshire is 160.53p, while weekly fuel costs total £80.27.

In Flintshire, drivers have to pay an average of 160.64 pence per litre, while in the southern Welsh county of Monmouthshire the average price for petrol is 160.99 pence.

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The 10 most expensive petrol places in Britain

If you ever need fuel, avoid filling up at these places.

  1. Dumfriesshire – 166.82 (average pence per litre)
  2. Conwy- 164.81
  3. Edinburgh – 163.2
  4. Monmouthshire – 160.99
  5. Flintshire – 160.64
  6. Denbighshire – 160.53
  7. Berkshire – 160.03
  8. Warwickshire – 159.95
  9. Bedfordshire – 159.22
  10. Cheshire – 159.22

And Conwy, in Wales, comes second on the list, charging an average of 164.81 pence per liter for petrol.

Those living in the walled market town in North Wales are also believed to be racking up bills of £82.41 a week on fuel.

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