Julian Nagelsmann on Germany’s victory over Hungary: “We would not have won this match in November.”

Speaking after the final whistle Magenta televisionJulian Nagelsmann commented on Germany’s performance and suggested his side has come a long way in a short time:

“They were very unpleasant opponents; You have to win such a game first. And that shows a good maturing process; we would not have won this competition in November. In the time I have been in charge so far, we have also collapsed a few times. Today the team did not always shine, but sometimes you have to work on such a match. The expectation in the stadium and in the dressing room was three points, and we got it. It was also a good defensive performance by the goalkeeper and the whole team. Everyone gave everything; They pushed each other so much that we didn’t concede a goal.”

“In the match against Switzerland it will be important that we have as many players from the first eleven as possible back on the field, because we have consciously assigned the roles. We believe in the respective strengths of the players in their roles. It may of course be the case that we change one or two players; we have to see how everyone got through this game. But for now everyone is healthy.”

With Nagelsmann highlighting how players in the squad have specific roles for certain matches, it becomes clear why this German side is performing so admirably at the tournament.

As previously reported by GGFN, Lothar compared Matthäus Nagelsmann to former German manager Franz Beckenbauer due to the parallels in the way they approached their roles in charge of the national team.

With the team roles clearly communicated, the players can feel much more relaxed and prepared heading into the matches, and this could be why Die Nationalmannschaft has been able to turn their fortunes around so drastically since Nagelsmann’s appointment.

On Sunday evening, Germany will play their third and final group match against Switzerland, where they will look to maintain their perfect start to Euro 2024 and guarantee top spot in Group A.

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