The extreme right is responsible for both ‘integration’ and immigration

Ingrid Coenradie will take care of the integration. Photo: Phil Nijhuis ANP

Responsible for the integration of newcomers in the Netherlands through the integration The program will be transferred from the Ministry of Social Affairs to the Ministry of Justice when the new right-wing government takes office.

Junior Justice Minister Ingrid Coenradie, who represents the far-right PVV in the new government, will be in charge of the process, she told reporters on Wednesday after her meeting with coalition negotiator Richard van Zwol and next Prime Minister Dick Schoof.

Coedradie, currently Rotterdam councilor on behalf of Leebaar Rotterdam, will also be in charge of prisons, ‘public morals’ and crisis management. Asylum and migration will be moved to a new ministry that will be led by the controversial former Senate leader of the PVV, Marjolein Faber.

Coenradie’s role as head of Integration appears to be at odds with the appointment of a new State Secretary for Participation and Integration at the Ministry of Social Affairs. That job will be done by Jürgen Nobel of the VVD, but what exactly that entails is still unclear.

The Dutch approach to the integration of foreign residents has become stricter over the years and the new government has promised to become even stricter.

For example, it plans to extend the residency requirement to become Dutch from five to ten years, increase the language requirement to B1 and require people who become Dutch to give up their original nationality if this is legally possible.

The new cabinet also wants to make ‘knowledge about the Holocaust and its victims’ part of the integration process, even though it is already included.

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