Charles ‘in talks to visit US’, see grandchildren

King Charles is said to have had discussions about visiting Prince Harry’s children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, in the US, offering a silver lining of hope to the royal rift between the monarch and his renegade son.

Writer and broadcaster Esther Krakue says reports indicate King Charles offered Prince Harry an “opportunity” to stay at a royal residence during his recent visit to Britain. “We know that when Prince Harry came to Britain it was actually his team who informed the press about him not being able to see the King,” Ms Krakue said. “Reports have emerged that the King actually offered Harry the opportunity to stay in a royal residence… it begs the question why he chose to refuse to stay in a royal residence.”

Harry and his wife Meghan Markle’s first-born Prince Archie, five, are said to have met his grandfather a handful of times and their daughter Princess Lilibet, three, has only met the king once due to Sussex’s divorce from the monarchy.

The couple stepped back from royal duties in 2020 and moved to California shortly after Archie’s birth, while Lilibet was born in the United States and has never visited the United Kingdom.

King Charles is reportedly discussing plans to officially visit the United States in a desperate bid to bridge his estrangement with Prince Harry’s children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet. Photo: Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

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The 75-year-old monarch is said to feel great sadness over his distant relationship with Harry’s children, which was only made possible by occasional video calls.

Speaking to Britain’s The Mirror on Wednesday, royal expert Tom Quinn said Charles has now taken matters into his own hands with a planned visit to the United States, where he will “undoubtedly” make time to visit his grandchildren.

“Charles has had discussions about an official visit to the United States at some point in the future,” Quinn said.

“And there’s no doubt that if it goes ahead, he’ll find plenty of time to visit his youngest son and his grandchildren, but there are still mountains of planning to overcome before that becomes even an unlikely possibility.”

Mr Quinn made it clear that King Charles visited many other countries privately during his lifetime.

“For example, he made an unpublicized visit to Transylvania to check on his rental properties – so it is certainly possible that he would make a discreet private visit to Harry and the children in California,” the expert said.

The commentator said the monarch is “desperate” to see them and hates the thought that his grandchildren will not remember him as the warm, friendly grandfather he wants to be.

But in a surprising development in the saga, Mr Quinn said Harry was reportedly looking for a “remote Georgian house” near his father’s Highgrove estate in Gloucestershire, England, after the couple was evicted from their British base Frogmore Cottage..

Announcer Dee Dee Dunleavy says Prince Harry would have liked to attend “Trooping the Colour” this year. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were again banned from the annual Trooping the Colour, the second year the couple have been banned from the event as the royal feud continues. “His military service has always been incredibly important to him,” Ms Dunleavy told Sky News presenter Rita Panahi. “If he wasn’t invited and wasn’t part of that, it would have really hurt him.”

Mr Quinn said Harry has spent a lot of time strategically calculating a location for his new home in Britain, but his property hunt has been hampered by the duke’s lack of experience ‘living in anything else than well-protected houses that are also far away from the public. ”.

He said this means Harry has a big problem on his hands as every house he looks at has drawbacks and the problem is only made worse by the Duke’s perceived security risk since losing his right to government-funded security.

Harry took the Home Office to court in 2020 after the government chose to strip the Duke and Duchess of Sussex of their taxpayer-funded private security because the couple no longer worked for the royal family.

The duke argued that he should still receive a degree of taxpayer-funded protection when he visits Britain, despite living in California and carrying out no duties on behalf of the king or the British government.

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