Romania must decide to send Patriot to Ukraine

The Romanian Supreme Council for National Defense/CSAT will meet on June 20 to decide on a possible transfer of a Patriot missile system to Ukraine. The Ministry of Defense is reportedly opposing the transfer.

Last week, Romania’s second Patriot air defense system was declared ready for combat following the successful interception of a target simulating a cruise missile during a live-fire exercise on the shores of the Black Sea. The country has received two other systems and expects to receive three more of the seven Patriot systems contracted for $3.9 billion in 2017.

The possible transfer of a Patriot system to Ukraine will be decided on the basis of a report from the Ministry of Defense on the possibility of such a step. According to Digi24, the report concludes that Romania should not transfer the missile system, a conclusion reached after discussions with army generals.

The report claims that there is a risk that Romania will no longer recover the system that has been transferred to a war zone where Russian artillery and aviation regularly attack Ukrainian military positions and installations.

Last month, President Klaus Iohannis admitted during a visit to Washington that he had discussed with Joe Biden the possibility of Romania giving Ukraine a patriot system. However, on May 22, he explained that such a decision would only be taken in the CSAT and warned that he found it unacceptable for Romania to remain without anti-missile defense.

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