Tourism gets a boost from the Flood holiday weekend

The tourism industry is set for a significant boost during the upcoming long weekend of the Festival of the Flood (Kataklysmos), with both local and foreign visitors set to take advantage of the favorable weather and extended break.

According to Philokypros Roussounides, Director General of the Cyprus Hotels Association (PASYXE), hotel occupancy rates are expected to exceed 80% nationwide, and even exceed 90% in some popular destinations. The free area of ​​Famagusta and Paphos are expected to be the top choices for Cypriot holidaymakers, followed by Limassol, Larnaca and the mountainous regions.

Roussounides acknowledged that tourist numbers are currently slightly below 2023 levels, with overnight stays down 5-10%. However, he attributed this to external factors such as ongoing conflicts, elections in Britain and sporting events in Europe, which could lead to a rise in last-minute bookings. He expressed confidence that Cyprus remains an attractive destination, especially for short holidays.

While many Cypriots spend their holidays domestically, Greece and its islands remain a popular choice for outbound travel.

Haris Papacharalambous, president of the Association of Travel Agencies, noted increased interest in destinations such as Italy, France and Poland due to improved flight connections, offering Cypriots a wider range of travel options.

Papacharalambous is optimistic about inbound tourism and expects it to remain stable compared to 2023. Traditional source markets such as Britain and Germany are performing similarly, and even arrivals from Israel, which faced potential war-related declines, continue to meet expectations to fulfil.

Papacharalambous sees opportunities arising from challenges faced by competitors. He highlighted the case of Mallorca, a smaller island struggling with the consequences of mass tourism and discontent among local residents.

Cyprus, he said, with its focus on quality tourism and extension of the tourist season, can take advantage of such situations to further refine its tourism offer and position itself as a more sustainable and responsible destination.

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