The Dutch can already qualify for the eighth finals if they win

If the Netherlands beats the French and Poland beats Austria or draws, the Netherlands can no longer miss a place in the last sixteen countries. The Netherlands won the first group match 2-1 against Poland and at the European Championship the mutual result is above the goal difference. The scenario is the same for the French, except that if they win against the Netherlands, they will benefit if Austria does not lose to Poland. France won 1-0 against Austria.

Three years ago, during the previous European Championship, the Dutch team was assured of the next round after victories over Ukraine (3-2) and Austria (2-0). Under the leadership of national coach Frank de Boer, the Netherlands also won the last group match with North Macedonia (3-0), but then failed in the eighth finals against the Czech Republic (0-2).

The Netherlands also won all three group matches at the European Championships of 2000 (elimination in semi-finals) and 2008 (elimination in quarter-finals).

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