Winners of the annual Life Awards 2024 announced

The prestigious Life Awards 2024 have been presented, recognizing five outstanding projects that make a significant contribution to the environment. reports this.

In the ‘Nature Conservationist’ category, the winner was the LIFE Flusserlebnis Isar project, which is revitalizing the River Isar in Germany. Due to anthropogenic influence, the river has lost its attractiveness to people and has become inaccessible to fish. The project has successfully restored the natural appearance of some parts of the river.

LIFE Waste2Protein, which develops animal feed based on insect protein, was awarded for its contribution to the development of a circular economy. This innovative development is positioned as an environmentally friendly alternative to fishmeal and soy protein.

The LIFE TreeCheck project has distinguished itself in the fight against climate change. Project experts create individual greening programs for European cities and help them withstand the heat. An example is the greening of building facades in the Czech Republic.

The People’s Choice Award was won by Life+ Nature Guardians, a project that fights environmental crime such as illegal dumping and poaching.

Special mention goes to Freshabitat LIFE IP, which has restored streams, rivers, lakes, wetlands and peatlands in Finland. Thanks to this project, freshwater pearl mussel populations, which play an important role in water purification, have been revived in the region.

The annual Life Awards recognize the most innovative, inspiring and impactful projects in three key areas: nature conservation, environmental protection and climate action.

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