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Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un

Seoul: According to the new agreement between the leaders of Russia and North Korea, both countries will use all available means to provide each other with immediate military assistance in the event of an attack on either of the two countries. This information was provided in a report in North Korean state media. The official North Korean news agency ‘Korean Central News Agency’ provided information in a report on Thursday about the comprehensive strategic partnership agreement signed on Wednesday between the country’s leader Kim Jong-un and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Pyongyang.

If an attack occurs…

The news said that according to Article 4 of the agreement, if one of the two countries is attacked or a war situation arises, the other country will have to provide military and all other forms of assistance without any delay. This agreement is considered the strongest and largest agreement between Moscow and Pyongyang since the end of the Cold War. Kim and Putin call this agreement an important achievement for both countries.

Pyongyang will give weapons to Russia

The agreement between Russia and North Korea comes as the US and its allies express concerns about a possible arms deal between Moscow and Pyongyang. Under this agreement, Pyongyang would provide Moscow with much-needed weapons for the war in Ukraine in exchange for economic aid and technology transfer.

what did Kim say

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said after the deal that there is a “close friendship” between the two countries and that this is their strongest agreement to date. Kim promised Russian support for the war in Ukraine. Putin, on the other hand, called it a “successful agreement” that reflects a shared desire to take relations between the two countries to new heights. (AP)

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