CIIE 2024: Expanding the global trade horizon

The seventh China International Import Expo (CIIE), scheduled for November 2024, promises to redefine global trade dynamics. With a sprawling exhibition area of ​​325,000 square meters already booked by more than 1,000 international companies, this year’s expo is poised to make a substantial impact.

Frequent participants such as Ireland and Greece continue to use the CIIE platform. Ireland has introduced high-quality food products, some of which will debut globally at the event, while Greece’s port of Piraeus is promoting its maritime trade links. Britain is showcasing its leading technologies and services, creating significant trade opportunities with China.

Accompanying the expo, the Hongqiao Forum will tackle pressing global issues, with discussions led by high-profile international figures. The CIIE, together with its forums and exhibitions, provides an unparalleled opportunity for global brands to enhance their business prospects in China.

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