Activists make demands after Stonehenge vandalism

After vandalizing Stonehenge in a splash of protest graffiti, activists from Just Stop Oil have made their demands known to the British government.

Climate protesters in the south of England spot orange powder paint on the ancient monument Stonehenge. Activists have defaced the world heritage site ahead of the summer solstice celebrations. The campaigners have said their actions were intended to highlight the harms of fossil fuels. The police have made two arrests.

The incident, which sparked widespread condemnation on Thursday, was accompanied by a series of demands to the British government.

Just Stop Oil posted videos of the two activists on social media to articulate the purpose of their protest.

Just Stop Oil posted on X: ‘Rajan took action with Niamh at Stonehenge earlier today’. Image:

Just Stop Oil said: ‘Naimh, 21, a student at Oxford University, is among those arrested today for taking action at Stonehenge.’ Image:

Niamh Lynch, a 21-year-old University of Oxford student and one of the arrested activists, used social media to order the government to sign a “fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty.”

The bespectacled environmentalist said: “To refuse this is to justify death, destruction and suffering on an absolutely immense and immeasurable scale.”

Lynch recognized the “beauty of our natural world” and asked, “What have we done with it?”

“These stones have been here for 5,000 years. What will the world look like in 5,000 years?”

In another video, Rajan Naidu, 72, who was also arrested, stressed the urgency of protecting the Earth’s biosphere.

Naidu said, “We have drawn your attention to this and the reason we did that is because we have something else that we want to preserve, which is the biosphere of our planet.”

“If we lose Stonehenge it would be a tragedy, but humanity would continue,” said Naidu, wearing a watermelon T-shirt.

“But if we get rid of our biosphere, as our corporations and corrupt politicians allow, then none of this will exist.”

“We don’t exist. Stonehenge is no longer cared for and will crumble. So for the sake of everything, we have to take action.”

Two people sprayed paint on Stonehenge a day before the summer solstice and demanded the government sign a treaty to phase out fossil fuels. Image: Twitter

The man then also demanded a subscription to a fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty, “so that we all have a chance at life.”

The act has been widely criticized as reckless and disrespectful, with commentators highlighting the potentially irreparable damage to the ancient British monument.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said: “This is a disgraceful act of vandalism to one of Britain and the world’s oldest and most important monuments.”

Public sentiment echoes Mr Sunak, as many social media users reacted with outrage to Just Stop Oil’s official videos.

“I hope Rajan enjoys prison food. Because that’s where he’s going,” said one user.

“Why do they always look like that?” another account observed.

“Enjoy your prison sentence, Naimh. It gives you time to think,” wrote another.

“How do I donate to the oil companies?” one user asked.

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Just Stop Oil is known for its unconventional methods of drawing attention to climate change issues.

JSO protesters have previously thrown soup at a Van Gogh painting, stuck themselves to highways and staged demonstrations during the World Snooker Championship.

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