Nordbex, Bergen Engines and Cortus Energy achieve record-breaking energy generation efficiency with biogenic syngas

Stockholm, Sweden – June 20, 2024 – Nordbex is proud to announce a breakthrough achievement in renewable energy, verifying record-breaking energy generation efficiency using biogenic syngas. The Nordbex solution is developed for optimized energy generation with integrated carbon dioxide removal, where process efficiency is key. The remarkable level of 45% efficiency was achieved during a production test conducted on June 13 and 14, 2024 in Bergen, Norway. This historic milestone was achieved in close collaboration with key technology partners Bergen Engines and Cortus Energy.

Revolutionary solution for CO2 negative energy generation (BECCS)

Nordbex’s innovative solution is unique as it is optimized to provide valuable base power and achieve significant removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, putting Nordbex at the forefront of sustainable energy solutions. One important aspect is achieving very high process efficiency, from biomass (forest waste) to energy and the subsequent removal of carbon dioxide. The high efficiency of Cortus Energy’s biomass-to-syngas technology and Aker Carbon Capture’s high-efficiency carbon removal process are already known and this test result verifies the core energy generation process.

Record-breaking efficiency

The test, conducted at an engine load of 45%, demonstrated an unprecedented level of efficiency for power generation using biogenic syngas. Achieving an efficiency of more than 40% with this type of gas composition, at such low engine loads, has never been done before. The result is in line with Nordbex’s high expectations, but more importantly indicates that the solution can break new records, highlighting the advanced capabilities and synergistic performance of Bergen Engines and Cortus Energy’s syngas. Full load efficiency is expected to exceed the world record for natural gas-powered engines of 51%.

Integrated net energy generation and carbon dioxide removal

Nordbex’s carbon negative energy solution can supply up to 140 GWh of base load electricity annually, making it an ideal alternative for powering a small to medium-sized city. In addition to adding new valuable energy production, the system is capable of removing up to 200,000 tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere annually, significantly contributing to achieving local, national and global climate change mitigation goals.

“This achievement is an important milestone for Nordbex, and it proves the strength of our competitive energy solution and underlines our commitment to meeting the urgent need for efficient carbon reduction,” said Thomas Öström, CEO of Nordbex.

“We had high expectations for this process, but this result is far beyond expectations. This would not have been possible without the close collaboration and dedication of our technology partners at Bergen Engines and Cortus Energy,” said Håkan Karlsson, CTO of Nordbex.

About Nordbex

Nordbex is a leading renewable energy company, specialized in the advanced development of carbon negative energy solutions. Using local forest waste and advanced gasification technology, together with state-of-the-art power generation and carbon capture technologies, Nordbex is delivering efficient, easy-to-integrate and replicable carbon-negative power plants with a short-term objective to develop a portfolio of five projects by 2033. Starting with the first in Nybro, Sweden.

About Bergen engines

Bergen Engines AS, based in Norway, is a leading manufacturer of medium-speed liquid and gas-powered piston engines. Bergen Engines is known for its robust and reliable engines and is suitable for both maritime and land applications. Founded in 1855 and operating in its current form since 1946, the company has a long history of engineering excellence. In recent years, Bergen Engines has been involved in innovative projects, including the development of engines that can run entirely on hydrogen, an important step towards reducing emissions in the energy sector.

About Cortus Energy

Cortus Energy AB is a Swedish clean technology company specializing in the production of renewable energy through their patented WoodRoll® technology. Founded in 2006, Cortus Energy focuses on converting biomass into synthetic gas (syngas) using a unique process that offers several advantages over traditional gasification technologies.

The core of Cortus Energy’s activities is the WoodRoll® process, which allows various types of biomass to be converted very efficiently into clean syngas. This syngas consists mainly of hydrogen and carbon monoxide and can be used directly in gas engines or converted into vehicle gas and other forms of renewable energy. In particular, this technology does not require pre-treatment of the biomass, which reduces operational costs and increases the flexibility of the raw materials.

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