Italy: Indian worker Satnam Singh dies with severed arm after being left on road; embassy responds | World news

An Indian farm laborer working in Latina Italy died on Wednesday after being left on the roadside following an accident that cut off his arm, a minister said, condemning an “act of barbarity”. Satnam Singh was injured on Monday while working on a farm in Latina, a rural area south of Rome where tens of thousands of Indian migrant workers live, AFP news agency reported.

Latina is a rural area south of Rome where thousands of Indian migrant workers live. (File/AFP)

“The Indian farm worker who suffered a serious accident in rural Latina and was left in very serious conditions… has died,” Labor Minister Marina Calderone told parliament.

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The Indian embassy in Italy said it was working with local authorities and trying to reach the family to provide consular assistance.

The Flai CGIL union said Satnam Singh’s arm was cut off while he was working on a farm. Instead of getting help, he was left on the roadside near his house.

Latina is a rural area south of Rome where thousands of Indian migrant workers live.

“The Embassy is aware of the very unfortunate death of an Indian citizen in Latina, Italy. We are in contact with the local authorities. Efforts are being made to contact the family and provide consular assistance,” the Indian Embassy said in a statement about X.

The Flai CGIL union news agency ANI said that instead of getting help from his employer, “Satnam Singh was dumped at his house like a bag of garbage.”

Marina Calderone said authorities were investigating and hoped those responsible would be punished.

AFP reported that Satnam Singh was working without proper legal paperwork. Police told the news agency that they were alerted by Singh’s wife and friends and an air ambulance was sent.

The center-left Democratic Party condemned Singh’s treatment in a region known for labor exploitation, calling it a “defeat for civilization.”

“As the Democratic Party, we stand close to Satnam Singh’s wife and all his loved ones, recognizing that the deep pain of separation is linked to the dramatic awareness of the double violence that has occurred. The violence of the conditions in which Singh was forced to work was certainly not adequate to protect him from the risk of accidents. The horrific violence of those who preferred to hide their responsibilities in providing assistance to this young worker inevitably jeopardized his chances of survival. Singh’s death, for which we claim truth and justice, will be an additional outcome for us not only to resolutely fight against body cancer, but also to demand without pause a collective effort to counter the agro-mafia of Latina province. the party said on Facebook.

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