Official presentation! Máxima feels intimidated by her mother-in-law, Queen Beatriz.

The relationship between Maximum j Willem Alexander is moving forward by leaps and bounds. Since they first kissed in their appointment in New Yorkthe young people are separated from each other for less than a second.

It seems that both are very serious and Guillermo Alejandro wanted to make it official Introducing Máxima to the family. Although Argentina had a lot fear of not measuring upher love for Guillermo knows no bounds.

Meet your in-laws It’s never easy and even less so when they’re part of the royal family. The nerves and the discomfort by Máxima stirred up the atmosphere, but the young woman did not want to let Guillermo escape.

“I love Alejandro very much”Maxima assured before the watchful eye of Beatriz, the Queen of the Netherlands. The woman seemed to be analyzing the Argentinian’s every move and with a suspicious smile she said to him: “I understand why he likes you.”. Will Maxima be admitted to the royal house?

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