Newswire and press release / Mondi celebrates completion of €125 million container board plant upgrade in Kuopio, Finland – Packaging Equipment / Service – Mondi Group

• Mondi has completed a €125 million investment project at its Kuopio plant, which will increase production capacity by 55,000 tonnes per year while increasing efficiency and improving environmental performance.
• The modernization project, in line with Mondi’s MAP2030 sustainability commitments, includes upgrades to the wood storage, fiber line, evaporation plant and paper machine, producing high-quality semi-chemical corrugated cartons.

It includes upgrades to the wood storage, fiber line, evaporation plant and paper machine that produces ProVantage Powerflute®, a high-quality corrugated cardboard used primarily in trays and boxes for fresh fruits and vegetables.

This investment will increase production capacity by 55,000 tons per year, improve product quality for the benefit of our customers, and improve environmental performance by reducing greenhouse gas emissions per ton of paper and improving resource and energy efficiency.

Today, Mondi Kuopio marked this milestone with an opening event attended by local politicians and partners, highlighting the joint efforts and shared vision of Mondi and its stakeholders in promoting economic growth and environmental responsibility.

“We are pleased to celebrate the completion of this significant investment and the opportunity it gives us to continue to provide our customers with high-quality, sustainable products. It also demonstrates our commitment to supporting economic growth in the region and increasing viability in to secure the long term of the Kuopio mill.”
Andrew King, CEO Mondi Group

Markus Gärtner, CEO of Mondi Corrugated Packaging, added: “Mondi’s purpose is to be sustainable by design, and such investments support our MAP2030 sustainability commitments around circularly powered packaging and paper solutions, created by empowered people taking action on the area of ​​climate. The local community will benefit from a modernized factory, including improvements in safety and environmental performance.”

About Mondi

Mondi ( is a global leader in packaging and paper, contributing to a better world by creating innovative solutions that are sustainable by design. Our company is integrated across the entire value chain, from forest management and pulp, paper and film production to the development and production of sustainable consumer and industrial packaging solutions using paper where possible and plastic when useful. Sustainability is at the heart of our strategy, with our ambitious 2030 targets focused on circular solutions, created by empowered people taking action on climate.

In 2022, Mondi had revenues of €8.9 billion and underlying EBITDA of €1.8 billion from continuing operations, and employed 22,000 people worldwide.

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