Mysterious monolith found in Nevada

A mysterious monolith has been found in the American state of Nevada.

The structure was discovered by local police who were conducting a search and rescue mission over the weekend.

Since 2020, a number of monoliths have appeared around the world, from the US and Britain to Romania.

The BBC writes that the monoliths resemble similar structures from the 1968 science fiction film, 2001: A space odyssey. Directed by Stanley Kubrick and written by veteran science fiction author Arthur C Clarke, the film is one of the most influential films of the 20th century.e century. In it, mysterious monoliths are placed on Earth by aliens at different times in history and help advance human evolution.

No one has claimed responsibility for the structures, but there is speculation that they are part of some kind of avant-garde art installation.

(Image: A similar monolith, later removed, found in Utah in 2020. Patrickamackie2,

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