Euro 2024: UEFA fines Albania and Serbia $10,700 each for nationalist fan banners

UEFA on Wednesday fined the Albanian and Serbian football federations 10,000 euros each for fans who displayed banners with nationalist cards during European Championship matches.

Each federation was accused of “conveying provocative messages inappropriate for a sporting event” because they are responsible for the behavior of their fans in stadiums.

Fans of Albania showed a banner with a map of their country, expanding its borders to the territory of neighboring countries. This became apparent on Saturday during the 2-1 defeat against Italy in Dortmund.

The Serbian fans’ banner featured the independent territory of Kosovo and the slogan ‘No Surrender’ during the 1-0 defeat to England in Gelsenkirchen. A case was prosecuted by FIFA during the 2022 World Cup, when players were photographed with a similar banner in their dressing room before a match against Brazil.

UEFA has also opened a separate investigation into alleged discrimination by Serbian fans. The Kosovo Football Federation has filed a formal complaint with UEFA.

The Albanian federation was fined another 27,375 euros ($29,400) for fans who lit flares and fireworks, threw beer cups and a fan went onto the field.

Fans invading the playing field are a regular feature of the first week of Euro 2024.

UEFA announced the sanctions from its disciplinary panel hours after Albania drew 2-2 with Croatia in their second Group B match.

The Serbian federation must pay an extra 4,500 euros for fans who throw beer cups.

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