Pakistan joins the International Transport Corridor

Pakistan and Russia enjoy strong bilateral relations and emphasize their cooperation on international platforms such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, SCO and the United Nations: Ambassador said

Pakistan’s Ambassador to the Russian Federation Muhammad Khalid Jamali reads out the message from the President of Pakistan on Kashmir Solidarity Day at Pak Mission Moscow. — APP/file

ISLAMABAD: Khalid Jamali, Pakistan’s Ambassador to Russia, has said that Pakistan has started the process of joining the North-South International Transport Corridor at the invitation of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Referring to President Vladimir Putin’s State of the Union address last year in which he invited Pakistan to join the International Transport Corridor, Pakistan’s Ambassador Khalid Jamali said Pakistan had decided in principle to join it and had initiated relevant procedures.

“We are moving in that direction,” the ambassador said during a speech at the International IT Forum organized in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia, on June 18-19, 2024.

He said that Pakistan and Russia have strong bilateral relations and emphasized their cooperation at international platforms such as Shanghai Cooperation Organization, SCO and the United Nations. He said Pakistan has sought help from Russian friends to join BRICS.

Khalid Jamali said Pakistan has successfully imported 10 million tons of Russian crude oil and expressed keen interest in continued supply of Russian oil and gas. Agriculture was identified as another promising sector for cooperation. About 69 percent of Pakistan’s population is involved in the agricultural sector.

He emphasized on the revival of the Silk Road with the successful delivery of Pakistani kinos to Dagestan via Iran and Azerbaijan. He said this new trade route indicates the potential to increase trade volume, which has already reached one billion dollars.

The Ambassador further suggested that given Pakistan’s developed furniture industry and Russia’s abundant timber resources, opportunities could be explored to consider exporting fine timber from Russia to Pakistan.

Ambassador Khalid Jamali recognized Russia’s strong education system and suggested that education is another important area of ​​cooperation between the two countries. He said Pakistani students could be given the opportunity to study in Russian universities. This initiative is in line with the desire of people from both countries for stronger ties, as evidenced by the participation of a large Pakistani delegation at the World Youth Forum in Sochi.

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