LG Electronics expands R&D partnership to develop next-generation heat pump systems

New European research consortium from LG Electronics at the Oceanlab facility of the Metropolitan University of Oslo, aimed at developing advanced heat pumps for extremely cold climates via a global RD network.  Thanks to LG
This photo shows a research center at Oslo Metropolitan University in Oslo. Thanks to LG Electronics

SEOUL, June 20 (AJU PRESS) – LG Electronics is establishing a global R&D network spanning North America, Europe and Asia to develop advanced heat pump technologies as part of efforts to expand its presence in the fast-growing heating, ventilation market and air-enhancing air conditioning systems (HVAC).

LG said Thursday it has signed an agreement with three universities in Norway and Italy to form the European Consortium for Advanced Heat Pump Research (ECAHR) to develop heat pumps that can deliver high performance even in extremely cold conditions down to minus 40 degrees Celsius .

Oslo Metropolitan University and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Norway, and the University of Naples Federico II in Italy are participating in the partnership signed on Tuesday (local time) in Oslo.

This follows LG’s opening of an Advanced Cold Climate Heat Pump Laboratory in Alaska last November. In August, LG also plans to collaborate with top universities in China to set up another cold climate heat pump R&D center in Harbin.

With this three-pronged approach across regions, LG aims to develop next-generation heat pump systems optimized for diverse climates and building structures around the world. The systems will be used for the company’s next-generation HVAC systems.

By leveraging core component technologies such as internally developed compressors and motors, LG seeks to differentiate its heat pump solutions amid the global shift toward electrification and environmentally friendly heating and cooling. The company is also building a localized end-to-end HVAC ecosystem that includes R&D, sales, installation and after-sales service in 62 regions.

“Through next-generation heat pump technology tailored to regional climate conditions, we will expand LG’s influence in the global HVAC market,” said Lee Jae-sung, president of LG’s air solutions division.

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