Jennifer Lopez appears with her assistant and without Ben Affleck radiant on the beaches of Italy

SInger and actress Jennifer Lopez were spotted at a hotel in Positano, a clifftop town on the Amalfi Coast in southern Italy. During her stay, Jennifer was photographed strolling along the sandy beach, wearing heels and matching multi-coloured shorts. She greeted a fan, but what really caught everyone’s attention was Ben Affleck’s notable absence, as Lopez was only accompanied by her assistant at the time.

Jennifer and Ben seem to be at a point of no return. Rumors of divorce and discontent have increased in recent weeks, fueled by arguments and limited public appearances together.

Furthermore, frequent images of the actor with his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, only increase speculation about a possible rift in their marriage.

Rumors of trouble surrounding Lopez and Affleck’s marriage have been swirling for a while now, and Lopez’s recent vacation to Italy without Affleck only fueled these rumors.

The singer and actress seems to be enjoying her time in Italy and is taking the opportunity to relax and recharge. However, Affleck’s absence from this trip has raised many questions about the current state of their marriage.

Fans and the media are looking for any sign that could indicate the direction of this famous couple.

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