‘Everything from here is a bonus for us’: Hathurusingha tries to relieve Bangladesh of pressure


Bangladesh qualified from a tough group to make Super 8s.

Bangladesh qualified from a tough group to make Super 8s. ©Getty

Bangladesh head coach Chandika Hathurusingha stressed that he and his team have not lost any sleep over playing the semi-finals and are happy to come out of a tough group to advance to the Super 8s. The veteran coach also urged his players to play with freedom now as he believes whatever they will achieve in this second phase of the T20 World Cup was a bonus for them.

Hathurusingha was determined not to saddle his team with expectations as they prepare to take on Australia in Antigua on June 21. “When we entered the tournament our first target was to get into this Super 8. So I I think we achieved that great… what can I say, our bowlers kept us in the match. So we played the conditions very well and used the conditions to our advantage,” Hathurusingha told reporters on Wednesday (June 20).

“So when we are here, we are very happy to be here. And everything from here is a bonus for us. So we are playing with a lot of freedom. And we are going to challenge all three teams to the best of their ability.” we can do that,” he said.

However, Hathurusingha was quick to clarify that playing with freedom did not mean players deviated from their role in the team. “This game, why do we start playing this game? To enjoy it. So we don’t take away that fact of enjoyment from the players,” he said.

“How big is the game? That doesn’t mean they have a free license to go and do whatever they want. They have a certain role to play in the team and to fulfill that role is yes, they have freedom and then always fun.” , whether we are playing for your country or club cricket or park cricket… that’s why we start playing this game. So the fun factor is always at the forefront, but they have to fulfill their role for the team,” he added.

Hathurusingha said his knowledge of some Australian cricketers, thanks to his association with New South Wales before joining the Bangladesh team, will not help and the course of the game will solely depend on how players adapt along the way.

“I was there (NSW) with them 12 months ago. I know a lot of the boys, they are very good players and they are very confident in their own game. We know a lot about their strengths and limitations, (but) that will doesn’t help much, but on the day when conditioning is the biggest factor in this match, our focus on how we use that conditioning to our advantage is the most important thing we’re talking about,” he added.

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