War between Russia and Ukraine: List of main events, day 846 | War news between Russia and Ukraine

Here is the situation on Thursday, June 20, 2024.

To fight

  • At least two people were injured and residential buildings were damaged in Ukraine’s western Lviv region after a wave of Russian drone attacks on energy infrastructure in six regions of the country. The air force said it had destroyed 19 of 21 drones launched by Russia.
  • The Ukrainian military said Russian forces had “intensified” their attacks near Toretsk on the frontline in the eastern Donetsk region and “launched five offensive operations simultaneously,” targeting surrounding towns and villages. Russia’s Defense Ministry said its forces had “improved” their positions around Toretsk, which had a population of about 32,000 before the war.
  • Rostov regional governor Vasily Golubev said the fire, caused by a Ukrainian drone attack on an oil terminal in southern Russia, continued into its second day despite efforts by firefighters to extinguish the flames. The branch was hit on Tuesday.
  • Viktoriia Litvinova, Ukraine’s deputy attorney general, said the country has set up a national registry to document cases of sexual violence allegedly committed by Russian forces. Litvinova told the Associated Press news agency that 303 cases of conflict-related sexual violence have been recorded since Russia began its large-scale invasion, with 191 cases involving women and 112 men.

Politics and diplomacy

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un agreed on a new comprehensive strategic partnership treaty during Putin’s first visit to Pyongyang in 24 years. Putin thanked Kim for his “unwavering” support in Ukraine, while Kim pledged “full support and solidarity” for the Russian invasion.
  • Putin then traveled to Vietnam. In an op-ed coinciding with the visit, Putin applauded Hanoi for supporting “a pragmatic way to resolve the crisis” in Ukraine. Vietnam has not condemned Russia’s attack on Ukraine but has forged alliances with the United States, its largest export market, and the European Union.
  • French far-right leader Jordan Bardella said he supported Ukraine’s right to defend itself against Russia, but if elected prime minister in the June 30-July 7 elections, he would not supply Kiev with missiles capable of destroying Russian territory could attack. Bardella also said he would adhere to France’s commitments to the NATO military alliance if he became prime minister.
  • Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) said it had arrested a Kharkov resident who was allegedly recruited by Russian agents on an online dating platform, saying he had tried to provide Moscow with sensitive information about Ukrainian military facilities and equipment. The man faces as many as eight years in prison if convicted, it said in a statement.
  • In addition, the SBU said that a man arrested in March last year on suspicion of being an agent of Russia’s Federal Security Service had been jailed for 15 years after being found guilty of helping Russia identify targets for attacks in the southern region of Odesa.


  • Mykhailo Podolyak, a senior Ukrainian presidential aide, said North Korea was “actively cooperating” militarily with Russia and called for greater international isolation of both countries. “There is no doubt that North Korea is deliberately providing resources for the mass murder of Ukrainians,” he told the AFP news agency. United Nations sanctions monitors said in their last report before Russia blocked the extension of their mandate that North Korean missile fragments had been found in Kharkiv.
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