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DUBAI: The Global Business Forum 2024 brought together delegates from over 30 countries in Dubai under the auspices of the Diplomat Business Club, a renowned Business Diplomacy Forum based in the UAE in the presence of diplomats, business leaders and senior government officials from the UAE and other countries.

Ambassador Javed Malik, Chairman of the Diplomat Business Club, while welcoming the delegates, said that the presence of diplomats and business leaders, investors, entrepreneurs and CEOs from more than 30 countries including the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Sweden, Turkey, Germany, South Africa, Africa, China, Japan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Russia, Pakistan and Spain underline the Club’s position as a leading global platform for business diplomacy in the region. Diplomat Business Club facilitates business leaders to connect, collaborate and explore new avenues to expand their businesses and also build new alliances to co-create new business ventures, especially in the digital business landscape. Javed Malik emphasized that digital transformation and innovation are changing the nature of business and smart investors and entrepreneurs must be ready to embrace this change by turning their attention to new and innovative business ideas in the areas of fintech, blockchain, artificial intelligence, robotics, renewable energy, space technology, autonomous vehicles, clean energy, quantum computing and other technology-based ventures that are clearly the future of


Other speakers and participants at the global business forum included Trade Commissioner of Italy Valerio Soldani, Deputy Consul General of the United Kingdom Alison Hall, as well as Trade Commissioners and Business Board Chairs from Sweden, Turkey, Pakistan, China, Azerbaijan, South Africa and South Africa. Africa and senior officials from the UAE Ministry of Economy.

While speaking to the media, Javed Malik, Chairman of Diplomat Business Club, Dubai, urged Pakistani technology companies to be part of the digital revolution that is transforming the global business landscape and said that Diplomat Business Club would be willing to provide all support to reach international markets, and that its global engagement team has been in discussions with the Chambers of Commerce in Pakistan and some technology companies to facilitate this wherever possible.

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