‘Business Angola 2024’ highlights economic opportunities and strategic partnerships

Macro perspective on the business environment

N’Gunu Tiny, founder of the Media9 group, opened the event by emphasizing a macro approach to Angola’s business environment, particularly the role of the transport sector in connecting to the regional economy. Tiny highlighted Angola’s GDP growth from $14 billion to $70 billion and emphasized the importance of infrastructure developments such as the Lobito Corridor and the new Luanda Airport. He noted: “These infrastructures are ushering the country into a new era of growth, but access to markets remains a significant challenge.”

Investments and pragmatism

João Afonso Fialho of Vieira de Almeida urged Portugal to increase its investment support to Angola and move from rhetoric to action. He praised the US for its pragmatic investment policies and suggested that Europe, and especially Portugal, should follow suit. “We need to put money behind these programs; it is time to be pragmatic,” Fialho asserted, highlighting the strategic importance of the Lobito Corridor project and crucial minerals.

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