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On the last day of May, there was an absolutely horrific knife attack in Mannheim, Germany, which was the textbook example of everything that has gone so terribly wrong with Merkel and company’s much-discussed, open-door immigration policy.

A “right-wing, anti-political Islamist” activist, who was standing in the square with a small gathering of his Pax Europa group, was suddenly attacked by an Afghan immigrant – a failed asylum seeker who had been in the country since 2014 – with a knife.

In the ensuing chaos, several members of the group were stabbed, including a young German police officer who, instead of attacking the attacker, inexplicably tackled one of the victims. That misjudgment ultimately cost him his life, when the now unrestrained killer sliced ​​the officer’s unprotected neck while subduing a victim.

The poor 29 year old guy died in hospital shortly afterwards. German police shot the killer on the spot.

In subsequent weeks, they have come to believe that a religious “extremist” motive was involved in the attack.

Real? Do you think?

German authorities say they have found evidence of an Islamic extremist motive in the past week knife attack in the southwestern city of Mannheim, fatally wounding a police officer.

Justice Minister Marco Buschmann wrote late Monday on the social media platform

The federal prosecutor’s office confirmed on Tuesday that it had taken over the investigation, citing the significance of the case and the suspicion that it was religiously motivated.

Researchers have said that suspected attackera 25-year-old man from Afghanistan who has been living in Germany since 2014 and whose asylum application was reportedly rejected has stabbed several members of a group that describes itself as against “political Islam.”

When I wrote about the attack on the day it took place, I did so in connection with the upcoming European elections. Would such a tragedy, and a failed one at that, sway the people’s votes?

I didn’t realize at the time that they have a real knife problem with the immigrants they let flood their country – those losers love to slice and dice. Here I thought this incident in Mannheim was a rare event, but timed to have a major impact.

It turns out that Germans have to deal with this nonsense every day.

This is yesterday.

On June 10, there were 3 so-called “heinous acts of violence”…

Three seemingly random – and certainly gruesome – acts of violence on Monday, June 10, collectively raise the question: what is going on in Germany?

The country, which is about to host the European Football Championship, has seen around 60 knife attacks a year day during the past years.

One of the events earlier this week was fatal. A 23-year-old woman was “suddenly” stabbed by a “previously unknown person” during an evening jog in Schermbeck on the Lower Rhine, according to national media. Officials are still seeking information about the unknown attacker.

…followed by a weekly roundup of knife crimes that made it seem like a slow day.

They even come to parties during football tournaments.

The attacker only stormed the garden party after killing another person before they even got there.

…The attacker, who was shot dead by police, struck a garden in the city of Magdeburg, where a family was hosting a private party to watch Germany’s opening match against Scotland.

At least three people were injured in the attack on Friday evening, two of whom suffered serious injuries. The police have not yet released any information about the current condition of the victims.

A police spokeswoman said the attacker advanced on police officers when they arrived, and one officer pulled his gun and fatally shot him.

The killer is also suspected of previously killing another man in a high-rise near where the party took place. The police were alerted when he threatened people at an allotment garden on the way to the party location.

…Earlier this month, Police have arrested a known Islamist at Cologne airport on charges of this he had transferred cryptocurrency to an Islamic state cell in Afghanistan.

The suspect, identified only as Soufian T in accordance with German privacy laws, applied for jobs as a security guard at outdoor screenings of Euros matches, but his application was rejected based on a tip from Germany’s domestic security service.

Germany has recently experienced a sharp rise in knife crime.

Knife people in Germany while sending the money they earn working there back to ISIS in Afghanistan. What lovely people they opened the gates for!

And the “strong increase” in knife crime is staggering in numbers.

This is 2022.

German police crime statistics, presented in April, grossly underestimated the number of knife attacks in the country. The statistics presented by the President of the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) Holger Münch and the Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser (SPD) counted 8,160 knife attacks. Official figures from the German states and state criminal investigation agencies show that the actual number of knife attacks is considerably higher.

If one takes into account the figures recorded and published by the state criminal investigation agencies in the sixteen German states, the total number of knife attacks across the country exceeded 21,000 in 2022, which amounts to as many as 60 attacks per daythe German online magazine Tichy’s Einblick reports.

60 knife attacks per day. In a country with less than 84 million people. From what I can tell, they seem to have the usual European aversion to private firearms ownership.

In 2023, there were more than five million privately owned weapons in Germany. 941,697 people owned firearms or parts thereof.

It took about 5 minutes to find story after story, all recent, and so many videos of the same thing. Holy smokes, I had no idea.

And today’s entry from Hamburg.

All is well, the ending is good there. They arrested this ‘knife man’.

How have Olaf Scholz and the Greens not been wiped off the map?

That’s my question, but then they can point to Chicago.

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